Featured on Smarter.Loans: Canada Small Business Financing Loans vs. Merchant Cash Advances

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Small businesses in Canada have a number of funding options to choose from, including government-funded programs like the Canada Small Business Financing Program, bank loans, and alternative funding from direct online lenders such as merchant cash advances.

Each type of funding has different application requirements and approval criteria, and is best suited for a different use. If you’re focused on operating and growing your business, it can be difficult to understand what type of funding is best for your needs, and even harder to figure out what documents you need to compile to usbmit your application.

To help you determine what funding is right for you, we compared Canada Small Business Financing Loans to merchant cash advances in our latest article for Smarter Loans, an online lending resource in Canada.

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  • The Canada Small Business Financing Loan program, including what are Canada Small Business Financing Loans, funding amounts and terms, who is eligible, rates, and who should apply.
  • What merchant cash advances are, maximum funding amounts, eligibility requirements, fees, and who should apply.
  • Which funding option is best for your business
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